Top 5 Ways to Save Energy

Date Added: April 14, 2009 07:48:48 PM
Author: Jane cocker
These days we’re all looking for ways to save energy…the only thing that stops us is the effort and costs involved. In this article you’ll learn energy saving tips that are instant and will result in major energy savings. Tip 1: Cold Power Wash clothes in cold water. Not only do most stains come out with ease (in fact hot water actually sets some stains making them impossible to remove) but it’s a lot gentler on your clothing. Hot water equals big energy usage! Tip 2: Air Dry Flair Two easy ways to save energy are to air dry your dishes and your clothing rather than using a dry cycle on your dishwasher and clothes dryer. You’ll be extending the life of your garments and making energy savings. Tip 3: Short Shower Pick your favourite song – and aim for one under about 4 minutes. Keeping your shower around this length will result in energy savings and much less water usage. Tip 4: Light Bulb Moment If you can change just one light bulb over to an energy saving type, you will be saving up to 80% on the energy consumption per bulb! They also last a lot longer (up to 6 times) than normal light globes. Tip 5: Turning Off is A Turn On If you aren’t using it – turn it off. Even standby mode is a drain on power and instant energy savings can be made my turning off lights, computers, televisions and DVD players. If you’ve got an old beer fridge that isn’t doing a lot – get rid of it! It’s eating up power and preventing you from energy savings! So there you have them – The 5 Top Energy Saving Tips that will have you on your way instantly and effectively… Good Luck!


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