Why does my home need an energy audit?

Date Added: September 24, 2009 03:43:46 PM
Author: Steve Kelly
Category: United States: Michigan
It’s a fact that most every home is, in some way, wasting some amount of energy every day. The most obvious step in discovering whether or not your home is wasting energy, is to first determine if a residential energy audit is needed. The primary reason for an energy audit tends to be so the homeowner can begin to understand why gas or electric bills are as high as they are. An energy audit can help you determine where your home is using energy and where your home is losing energy.By pinpointing where the energy is being lost, you can begin to make amendments to your home to help to conserve and prevent that energy loss. Many times, people will proactively change the simple things in their home before they actually know where the energy is being lost. For example, some homeowners change their light bulbs over to fluorescent light bulbs and do not actually quantify their savings. Most likely, this is due to the fact that the primary cause of their electric bill being so high was not due to the lighting. If a residential energy audit or infrared home inspection had been performed, they would have been able to find out that the energy being lost may have been in some other part of the house.Energy audits can be done by professionals, or can be done by the home owners themselves. Based off of the energy audit findings, there are some things that you can begin to implement to lower your home’s energy consumption and energy loss:• Insulation – Proper insulation helps keep heat in your home, and also keeps the cold in as well. If a house is not properly insulated, the appliances that are keeping the house at a comfortable temperature are, most likely, working longer than they need to.• Sealing – Caulking or weather stripping the cracks and holes in your home can help your home maintain the heat that your heating system is distributing through the home.• Systems – Ensuring that your heating and cooling systems are running as efficiently as possible also will help to diminish your home’s energy loss. Having your heating and cooling systems cleaned and serviced regularly, along with replacing filters, can keep them running efficiently.By adopting even the most basic of energy conservation ideas, you can begin to keep your home’s energy consumption under control. An energy audit will help you to make sure that the energy is used efficiently and that you are doing all you can do to begin saving money on your utility bills


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